Penguins habitat:
Most penguins spend about ¾ of their time in the water. Their bodies are designed to easily adapt to the water.
Penguins distribution:
It is a common misconception that all penguins live in icy climates, while many of them do it isn’t something that is necessary for them to survive.

disaster downunder

On Wednesday night at 6:00 o’clock when I come to school I feel worried a little because I never come before. I feel worried when I people ask me Question because I don’t understand English I just know little. After when people looked my diorama I feel happy my diorama is a flood and I put my diorama on the front but is buzz because many people come. And I look student make volcanic Eruption is was fun. After I took miss scarrott I said can I went home now miss sacrrott no can you wate for one more volcanic Eruption then I said yes.


Welcome to my blog

Hi my name is Per Meh and welcome to my blog.  My favourite colour is pink and my favourite food is oranges. And my favourite things to do are Volleyball and writing. And my favourite animals are butterflies. And I would like if you can leave a comment on my blog. 🙂

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